"The Goehner team understands local church ministry better than any organization I have known in my nearly 30 years of walking with and serving Jesus Christ."
Greg Kappas, President, Grace Global Network Estero, Florida

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Management Services


To assist ministry organizations and churches in navigating difficult circumstances and issues at a scalable size in order to restore health to the organization in all areas: staffing, financial management, fundraising, board structure, strategic planning and ministry focus.

The ultimate goal is to transform the organization through a transformation of the organizational culture.


  • Organizational assessment
  • Assessing organizational viability
  • Financial oversight/management
  • Strategic staff reviews/reorganization
  • Management of day-by-day operations
  • Board restructuring/training
  • Resource development/planning and training
  • Strategic direction/Ministry Master Planning

Length of services

  • Minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 24 months

Preferred outcomes

  • Organization re-energized
  • Financial stability
  • Transition of leadership
  • A new leader with a new vision
  • New strategic plan for all areas of ministry

Target organizations

  • Camp and conference centers
  • Private Christian schools
  • Some churches
  • Para church organizations

Management Team

Don Goehner, President and Ed McDowell, Senior Consultant lead The Goehner Group team. The Goehner Group has recruited a team of highly skilled professionals with experiences in finance, management, fund development, organizational structuring and boardsmanship who will be assigned to each project.

Task force for each project

The team for each project will be selected based on the following criteria; not necessarily in any priority order:

  1. Type of project to be carried out
  2. Type of organization; church, camp, school etc.
  3. Any past history with this organization or one of similar demographics etc.
  4. Availability
  5. Specific expertise
  6. Potential "team chemistry"

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