"The Goehner team understands local church ministry better than any organization I have known in my nearly 30 years of walking with and serving Jesus Christ."
Greg Kappas, President, Grace Global Network Estero, Florida

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Services for Churches

Ministry Master Plans

The goal of a Ministry Master Plan is to help churches and Christian ministries develop a more focused and therefore effective ministry. The process includes an assessment of the purpose, milestones and ministry focus of the church; a development of the Core Values and a Vision Statement and the creation of Goals and a five year Ministry Plan.

PHOTO First Presbyterian Church, Orlando First Presbyterian Church — Orlando, Florida The Goehner Group assisted First Presbyterian with a feasibility study and capital campaign. The result? $14.5 million to retire debt, tithe for missions and pursue new callings.

The process of the Ministry Master Plan includes staff and board retreats, focus groups, planning and goal setting teams, all of which results in a comprehensive report written by The Goehner Group consultant in cooperation with a planning team. The Ministry Master Plan is often an important step before a church can proceed with a capital campaign or pastoral search.

Organizational Studies

The Goehner Group conducts three types of Organizational Studies:

  • Campaign Feasibility Studies (non-profits and para-church ministries)
  • Congregational Studies (church preparedness campaign)
  • Organizational Assessments (churches and para-church ministries)

The purpose of a congregational study is to assess the preparedness of a congregation to support with passion and commitment a proposed capital campaign.

The study allows the church leadership to test the "internal priorities" with definitive data from the entire congregation. The study involves in-person interviews with the Senior Staff and Governing Board, plus an agreed upon number of key individuals who represent a cross-section of the congregation. The remaining members receive a questionnaire, which has the same questions as the interviews, thus allowing the entire congregation to participate.

The consultant team processes the information gathered during the study and determines the readiness of the church to begin a campaign, identifies a reasonable campaign goal, projected optimal campaign timing, potential leaders and an initial campaign strategy.

Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign should be a time of spiritual growth and development in the life of church. Ministry must drive facilities and a clear ministry plan and vision is critical prior to any building campaign.

The Goehner Group consultant serves as campaign coach, trainer, and facilitator. Every effort is made to involve key leaders from the church for a limited period of time in campaign activities that match their gifting, experience, and strengths. Choosing the leadership team is critical to the success of any campaign. The capital campaign is managed and directed by lay and pastoral leaders, with a simple team structure directing all phases of the drive.

The Goehner Group is committed to prayer being the "leading wave" to any capital campaign. Prayer is an important component throughout the campaign process and a prayer team will meet regularly to pray throughout the campaign. The Goehner group is committed to prayer being the primary fuel for the journey.

Executive Search

The Goehner Group conducts two types of Executive Searches:

  • Pastoral staff for churches
  • Service staff for non-profits and para-church ministries

Pastoral and Service Staff Staff searches are a three step process lead by The Goehner Group Team. The first step assesses what the church is seeking in a candidate and includes a multiple day, on-site visit to review the church's mission and vision and to interview the staff to determine the nature of the leadership needed for the pastoral position. A profile is created for the position using the Professional Dynametrics (PDP) system, a tool that helps identify work style and strengths. These steps help ensure that the next pastor or executive staff member will be a good "fit" for the church staff.

The second step is to provide coaching and networking to identify potential candidates. Because of the breadth and depth of experience of The Goehner Group Team candidates can be identified that churches would not be able to find on their own.

Finally, when potential candidates are identified, extensive screening is performed by the Team as well as an individual profile the Professional Dynametrics (PDP) system. The PDP for the individual is matched to the PDP created for the position, allowing the consultant to see if the candidate is a good match for the position.

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