"The Goehner team understands local church ministry better than any organization I have known in my nearly 30 years of walking with and serving Jesus Christ."
Greg Kappas, President, Grace Global Network Estero, Florida

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Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is designed to provide specific feedback regarding the readiness of the camp/ conference center to begin a campaign, a reasonable campaign goal, the proper timing of a potential campaign, potential leaders and major gift donors. This information is compiled through personal, on-site interviews with staff and existing donors.

The areas of study include:

  • Perceived strengths of the current program and areas for improvement
  • Effectiveness of the management team and Board of Directors (Major Donors are more likely to give to organizations they perceive as well managed.)
  • Testing the case statement to see if it captures the mission and vision of the client as whether the projects resonate with the donor base.
  • Gathering factual data regarding campaign pledges
  • Identify potential leadership
  • Identify potential major gift donors
  • This data is reviewed with the results being a written report containing observations, conclusions and recommendations regarding the potential capital campaign. The report is delivered in a face-to face meeting between a Goehner Group consultant and the organization's leadership.

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