"The Goehner team understands local church ministry better than any organization I have known in my nearly 30 years of walking with and serving Jesus Christ."
Greg Kappas, President, Grace Global Network Estero, Florida

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My Journey to Hope

by Don Goehner

Walk with Don as he grieves hard and heals fully on the lonely road following his wife’s decline and death. This book invites us to understand and embrace the cycle of grief we inevitably face, either as victims or as companions. Eventually, we all suffer and it is in our suffering that we choose our attitude and learn to affirm the goodness of God, even when it is difficult.

Readers talk about My Journey to Hope

Don's journey through one of the hardest times of life draws the reader into his heart as he shares his walk with God through his deepest grief. He emerges whole and healthy ... a new man, ready for the life God has set before him. It is inspiring to watch him grapple with his faith and grow in strength and confidence, realizing with God at his side, he can face whatever life may dish out tomorrow. His well described memories will encourage the reader to do the same. 'My Journey to Hope' is a touching tool for anyone who is facing their own loss and will offer lasting truths and solid ground for anyone who wants to continue towards wholeness and peace about their future.

Powerful. Honest. Scary. And, unpretentiously correct.

On life’s journey we all encounter obstacles of pain, sorrow, loss and disappointment. Don has mapped the course well for us. Read it now, before the pain of loss clouds your perspective.

Bookstores and blogs are filled with words about death experiences and loss. The grief. The regret. The pain. It’s all there. What’s almost entirely missing, however, are the details. Honest, real-life details. The normal, everyday events that thread their way through these emotions, and live on in our hearts, minds, and souls. Don’s book, thankfully, is filled with the real life that surrounds a journey with the one you love. One who is heading for, or has gone, to the other side. The emotions are all there, to be sure. But the Real Story never gets lost. Through Don’s daily journey – his interactions with family, friends, and (most especially) himself and God – we learn. And we do that because Don learns.

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