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Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows

by Nick Palermo

Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows takes you to the heart of discovering and loving kids with disabilities. Nick shares how God brought him to know and love kids with disabilities, giving him and his Young Life team opportunities to be with them in life-changing ways. Nick’s message is passionate, biblical, timely and infectious.

Readers talk about Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows

Nick Palermo is more than just the founder of Capernaum, a ministry to kids with disabilities in Young Life. He is the epicenter of a movement spreading across the globe. “Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows” gives you a front-row seat to see and feel this incredible story. No one tells it better than Nick and no one has lived this story more than Nick. It’s the story of God’s passionate pursuit of precious kids He loves - -kids who are changing our lives, one by one. Read this book and get copies for all your friends. Our world needs this good news.

This book opens the door to what the life of a person with a disability is really like. It shows how Young Life Capernaum improves the quality of a disabled person by exploring God and who he is through adventures. How do I know? Because I was a Club kid and Nick Palermo was my Club leader! His 27 years of experience and down-to-earth manner lets him talk about God in a way that is easy for young people with disabilities to understand. Read this book and open the door to a world you might not know much about.

Ministry leaders and pastors: You need to read this book! If you don’t read “Missing Stars, Fallen Sparrows” for the ministry opportunities it presents, read it to experience the kingdom of God in all its fullness. Nick Palermo tells how his friends with disabilities showed him the way of Jesus and the heart of God.

God caused Nick Palermo to begin a ministry within Young Life that is beautifully consistent with this mission's history and commitment. Capernaum Ministries is pure incarnational witness. These wonderful - and oftentimes overlooked - young people with disabilities need to hear about Jesus (as do able-bodied kids), and Nick led the way to see that it could happen.

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