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Embracing the Refiner’s Fire

by Dale and Ruby Price

What makes this book relevant – whether cancer is a part of the reader’s life or not – are Dale Price’s priorities and decisions. What does Jesus want me to be and do today? His transparency – I’ll show people who I really am, no matter how difficult that honesty is. And, his commitment to community – Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors! Walk with me, talk with me, cry with me, and learn with me. Let’s do this journey together.

Readers talk about Embracing the Refiner’s Fire

Embracing the Refiners Fire is a love story about a man who happens to be a Christian and happens to have stage four Cancer. This is a very personal account of steadfast love between Dale Price, his wife Ruby, his boys Matt and Josh, and their families. You will learn how Dale and his family grapple with a fatal cancer diagnosis that crashed into their lives, Wednesday August 20, 2008.

It's also a love story between Dale Price and his God. He rejects his 6 month prognosis, placing his confidence in his divine time table setter, not the doctors. If you choose to read this book, you will be a first hand observer to Dales' proclamation that cancer will not define his life, but will refine it in the hands of his God. The refining process, messy at times, is throughout the book as he faces fear and discouragement with faith and courage time and again.

If he were here, Dale would invite anyone to read his story, regardless of what you believe. There is, I believe, something here for all of us. I highly recommend this book.

Dale Price, former pastor and director of Canyonview Camp in Silverton, Ore., determined “...cancer will not define my life...” when he heard the doctor's diagnosis of lung cancer August 20, 2008. From the doctor's perspective Dale's situation was hopeless. From Dale's perspective it was not. Once he made the decision to trust God, accept necessary medical care and “...journey with the Great Shepherd into the valley of the shadow of death.”

Although the book concerns cancer, Dale wanted the larger message to be about Christ because “...cancer...isn't the message. God's faithful provision and grace, that's the message...” he wanted to leave with readers and that's the message in this book -- God's prevailing love and grace.

Whether you need an example, inspiration or something to renew wavering faith and belief, Dale's incredible story does all that more with his account of what's really important in life -- a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes readers will laugh, other times they will cry and marvel at the faith of a man who courageously walked a path many approach with fear and dread.

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